I'm Taylor Main

A teal loving, Harry Potter obsessed, adventure-addicted twenty-something photographer based in South Carolina.

   I didn’t always want to be a photographer, I honestly had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. My friends talked a big game about being future doctors, firefighters and teachers, and I just wondered when I would really know, like everyone else seemed to. 
   My fascination was always stories. I loved getting absorbed into the plot line of a great  movie. I could lose myself in the pages of a book, deep in the storyline, and completely in my own world. This was something I always enjoyed as I was growing up, but isn’t wasn’t until I picked up a camera in high school that those pieces fit together. Through the lens of a camera, I could tell stories, I could tell your stories. 
   What those stories are, well that’s where you come in. Let me help you share your story, whatever it may be, and I want to give you something that you can look back on so you can retell your story, over and over again. Relive those days, those moments where you see each other for the first time and your eyes tell your love story. Each time you invite me into your world, I want you to leave with tangible pieces to carry with you when you need to look back on your story, get lost in the movie screen and book pages that is your life, your story. 

Did you know?

I once participated in a donut eating contest. I lost but got a free t-shirt, so who's the real winner here?

I often speak in movie quotes and still know every. single. line. to Spy Kids. Seriously, you can quiz me. 

I know how to moonwalk. Pro-tip: a bowling alley is the best place to learn because bowling shoes are prime moonwalking footwear. 

No meal is finished until you've had dessert. I know there is a separate stomach for dessert. Tell me I'm wrong, I dare you. 

I absolutely love to learn and flash cards make my heart happy.  

The beach is my happy place but the mountains are my home. I lived in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia for 11 years and I miss my mountains.

I have a niece, a nephew, and a Goddaughter. Between the three of them, my heart is so full. 

A few things 

At any given time, you can find me in a JMU t-shirt behind my laptop with New Girl reruns playing in the background. 

you should know about me

I'm rarely spotted without my white converse, no matter the outfit. 

A donut can fix any bad day or make a great day even better. Krispy Kreme chocolate frosted, I'm looking at you.

I love to travel! I have been to 4 countries and I want to go to all 50 states before I turn 50 years old. Peep the gelato and fanny pack, absolute necessities.

My patronus is a dolphin which perfectly compliments my life-long wonderment of the ocean. 

So, what is it like to work with me?

find out