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welcome, friend

   In my world, love is more than a four letter word, it’s a way of life. It’s the way he holds your hand, the way she looks at you, the laughter you share, and the story you’re still writing. 
   I want to help you celebrate the love in your life, whether that be an engagement, a graduation, any moment of celebration. I want to be there to help you capture all the beautiful pieces of your life. 
   Let me capture this exciting time in your life so you can cherish it for years to come. I take such pride in preserving these moments for families at all stages in life. I share in your joy and in your love. Tell me the story of how you met and talk to me about your dreams for the future. Your moments become your memories, let me seal them in photos for you.


Did we just become best friends?


Love notes that make me smile

"Maria and I are blown away by the amazing photos that you took of our wedding! These are the photos that we will have to share with our children and grandchildren one day, and they are PERFECT!"

nico + Maria

"TAYLOR YOU ARE AMAZING!!! You didn’t miss a single moment!! It went by in the blink of an eye so I’m so grateful of your and Mitch’s awesome job. So thankful"

Brooke + cody

"You captured exactly how we felt in every moment of this wonderful day. We’ve gotten so many comments from guests and family members on how great our photographer was!...We are in awe at your talent and ability."

donnie + aileen