Brooke and Cody got married last week at the most beautiful venue in Charleston, South Carolina. We had gone there for Brooke’s bridal session a few weeks ago so I had an idea of the level of gorgeous to expect but you put these two in CHARLESTON? You can’t beat it!

This was one of the more emotional weddings I’ve photographed and I had tears in my eyes by the early afternoon which was before the ceremony even started. Man, I was in for it.

Brooke and Cody wrote letters to each other to read before they said their vows and it was the most beautiful testament to how much this marriage means to them both. The ceremony was filled with the most sincere and deep rooted connection between the most wonderful couple.

Brooke and Cody have been together since they were sixteen years old and we actually went to the same high school, I was just a few years ahead of them.

Can I just take a second to say that Brooke was one of the sweetest people at my high school and if it’s possible, she’s even sweeter now! I just could not get over how uplifting, loving, and beautiful day this came to be.

From the gorgeous and simple wedding dress to the way Cody looked at her during their first look, this was a day overflowing with love and happiness. If that’s any indication of how the rest of their lives will go, I’d say they’re off to a pretty good start.


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