Do you want to hear a cool story? In August of 2012, 18 year old me pulled up to Weaver Hall at James Madison. My new home. As someone who resists change with every fiber of their being, I was not loving the idea. Amidst the hovering fear of the unknown, this swarm of unfamiliar faces decked out in yellow shirts and khaki shorts descended upon the car that had my life stowed in the trunk.

Before my parents could even get out of the car, the brand new mini fridge was whisked away to my new room. Each group of freshmen is assigned two First yeaR Orientation Guides aka FROGs. Miss Katie Chapman was assigned to my half of the dorm and I will be forever grateful to the JMU-Gods for that twist of fate.

Katie has this contagious personality that makes you feel seen. When she talks to you, she does so because she is genuinely interested in the person you are and what you’re saying. Katie is someone who cares so much and is one of the most passionate people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

Fast forward four years and I have somehow conquered undergrad and Katie and I reconnected. She’s dating this wonderful man, Matt, and is living in Harrisonburg. At this time, I’m trying to build my portfolio as much as possible so we set up a photoshoot at a local lake in Harrisonburg, VA. She and Matt have this way about them that is so trusting and pure. My favorite thing about that whole shoot was watching the small moments between shots when they would try to stifle a laugh.

For me, I want my couples to feel that sense of joy and be able to look at their partner in such a way that is felt through photos. Katie and Matt have that. Katie and Matt, here’s to you and here’s to yellow shirts and khaki shorts.

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